Anas El Fekky
Founder and CEO -

Anas El Fekky
Founder and CEO -

Anas El Fekky specializes in political coaching and media advising to local and regional media platforms, growing talents, aspiring politicians, and prominent individuals. Having cultivated decades of experience in the fields of governance and media, he provides advanced training programs on public speaking, crisis management and media relations.

Media Consulting:

El Fekky runs Content.Plus, an Egyptian PR, media, and publishing firm that provides media-consulting services, develops formats for TV programs, and re-vamps existing media outlets. Today, he operates as a media consultant for various satellite networks and supports their re-vamping efforts. Historically, he has led revamping efforts for Egyptian state television and major public and private broadcasting channels.


He offers professional publishing services to his clients, and publishes biographies of local and regional pioneers and celebrities, both in print and electronic publishing. El Fekky has operated as a publisher, distributor and ghostwriter for over a decade, leading publishing efforts for key educational material and non-fiction literature, particularly biographies.

Media and Awareness Campaigning:

Building on his expertise as a key cultural figure in Egypt, El Fekky manages the design, execution and operation of media campaigns. He has managed campaigns for cultural literacy, tourism promotion and active political participation.

El Fekky adopts a personalized and professional approach - as a consultant, political coach and media advisor. He specializes in understanding his clients’ strengths, needs and challenges - making him perfectly equipped to support his clients in reaching their desired goals of becoming a channel of communication to, and for, their respective audiences.

Specific services

Media consulting

Format development for TV programs

Talent management

Political coaching

Public relations and crisis management


Media and advertising campaigns