With over thirty years of professional experience across various sectors, Anas El Fekky comes with a portfolio of expertise in publishing, literacy and cultural enhancement, political governance, and media production and broadcasting. Born in Al Giza, Egypt, El Fekky graduated from Cairo University’s Faculty of Commerce, Business Administration and Management in June 1983. He is married with two sons, two daughters, and one grandson.


El Fekky began his career in publishing in 1983. He specialized in the distribution of educational materials and language programs, and co-founded various publishing firms, including the Modern Scientific Foundation and the Egyptian Italian Publishing Company, Egytalia. In 1986, El Fekky founded the Egyptian Cultural Group Ltd. (ECG) and became the sole representative for World Book International in Egypt. The ECG played a major role in translating and publishing a wide range of reference materials and encyclopedias in Arabic, including the Young Scientist Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Modern Egypt, the Arabic Junior Encyclopedia, and the Millennium Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Literacy and Cultural Enhancement:

Alongside his publishing career, El Fekky played a major role in promoting literacy and cultural awareness in Egypt through his involvement in civil society. He was an active member of the board of the Egyptian Board on Books for Young People (EBBY) and the Integrated Care Society (ICS).

El Fekky contributed heavily to the design and execution of various awareness campaigns, including the Reading for All campaign and the Read to Your Child campaign. He also sponsored the Annual Award of Suzanne Mubarak for best books for children.

Political Governance:

Anas El Fekky started partaking in political governance in 2002. He joined the National Democratic Party (NDP) in Egypt and was nominated as the Head of the Committee of Youth and Political Culture, member of the Supreme Council of Policy, and member of the Supreme General Committee of the NDP.

He was appointed as the First Undersecretary of Culture and the Chairman of the Public Cultural Organization (PCO) – a government organization that managed cultural centers in all governorates across Egypt, with a focus on discovering talents in music, art, folkloric dancing, and Egyptian literature. In his capacity as Chairman of the PCO, El Fekky enhanced the quality of books published by the organization, opened 33 new cultural centers around Egypt, and launched three major annual public cultural events. He also revamped and published a new version of the Modern Culture Magazine and the Children’s magazine, Qatr Al Nada.

In July 2004, El Fekky was appointed as a Minister of Youth and Sports, a position he maintained for a short-lived seven months duration. During his service, he championed the support of young Egyptian athletes in the Olympic Games, resulting in a total of five Olympic medals for Egypt. Furthermore, El Fekky established the first Civic Culture Center in Egypt and developed various policy papers regarding the investment of the sports industry in Egypt (Sports as Business).

Public Relations and Crisis Management:

Anas El Fekky was appointed as the Egyptian Minister of Information on February 14, 2005. Throughout his post, he broadly expanded PR efforts for the Egyptian government. El Fekky played a crucial role in the strategic planning for various national campaigns, such the 2005 presidential elections and the national campaign for family planning. El Fekky led a team of lobbyists in Egypt in close collaboration with different multinational lobbying agencies in Europe and the USA, such as Bell Pottinger, Havas, amongst others.

With regards to crisis management efforts, El Fekky was at the top of the strategic planning committee for crisis management in different occasions throughout his years as Minister of Information. He led crisis management efforts in times of national crises such as the swine flu crisis, the bird flu crisis, and frequent terrorist attacks across Egypt.

Media Production and Broadcasting:

During his years of service as Minister of Information, El Fekky focused on revamping state television and major public broadcasting channels, including the Nile Channels. As a result of such revamp efforts, Egyptian state television had become a major player in competition in the Arab region, gaining a fair share of viewership and return from advertisements. El Fekky also focused on developing and modernizing broadcasting tools, and as such, he led the establishment of the first-ever modern broadcasting center in Egypt.

During his service, the number of production studios at the Egyptian Media Production City doubled between 2005 and 2010, the number of series of scripted shows and Egyptian drama increased, and the number of private satellite channels increased tremendously. The Egyptian Drama industry also witnessed an unparalleled level of growth and improvement.

During El Fekky’s service as Minister of Information, the government was undergoing fundamental changes in the governance structure, allowing for the first-ever multi-candidate presidential election in Egypt. Such changes required a high level of professional management of the different available media platforms, allowing different political parties and groups to express their political views in state television and radio.

To allow different political parties and groups to express their political views, El Fekky encouraged the Egyptian government to form a new Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics was designed to closely monitor the practices of famous talk shows. Under this Code of Ethics, El Fekky stopped the broadcasting of 33 religious channels supported by fundamentalist Islamist groups in Egypt.

Finally, throughout his term as Minister of Information, El Fekky led the design and execution of various awareness campaigns. He led a think tank and a group of media experts who designed awareness campaigns for birth control, tourism promotion, and voting and political participation.

In the wake of the January 2011 Egyptian Uprising, Anas El Fekky resigned from his position as Minister of Information on February 12, 2011. Following several political accusations, El Fekky underwent through several trials and legal charges, upon which he was held in custody from February 2011 to February 2014. On February 24, 2014, El Fekky was found innocent for all charges and was released.

In 2016, Anas El Fekky founded Content.Plus - an Egyptian PR, media, and publishing firm that provides media consulting, develops formats for TV programs, and re-vamps existing media outlets. He specializes

in political coaching and media advising to Regional media platforms, growing talents, aspiring politicians, and prominent individuals. Finally, El Fekky provides advanced training programs on public speaking, crises management, and media relations.